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Schedule – rules and regulation

Check in at the competition office before your first match at all times!
The competition office is open on Friday till 23:00hrs. and on Saturday from 7:00hrs.

Penalty for NOT checking in: you lose the first match by 0-5

Rules and regulation

  • SHOT CLOCK in the 1st division;
  • The tournament games will be played according to the ICF Canoe polo rules 2015;
  • The match time is 2 times 10 minutes, a 2minute half-time-break to change sides;
  • The ranking in the league (first round) is determined by:
    • points gained (winning = 3 pts., draw = 1 pts., loss = 0 pts., not played = 0)
    • best goal balance
    • most goals scored
    • inter-match result
    • tossing
  • In a knock-out system, every match needs a winner.
    No winner after regular time, there will be 5 minutes extra time, 1 minute break, again 5 minutes extra time… and so on. A golden-goal will end the match! NO shoot-out;
  • The tournament is considered a competition, so a red card means exclusion for the next match (always). Three times yellow (over) more matches means exclusion for the next match as well!
  • Participation is at your on risk.